Welcome to the 401RT Website.

This site includes 1) a description of an east-west rapid transit line across the northern half of Toronto, 2) a broader look at rapid transit expansion opportunities in Toronto, and 3) an example of high density greenfield development at the edge of an urban area. 

They are preceded by a warning about rapid climate change, which should affect all decisions on human activities that impact our environment.

Climate Change

Rapid climate change is underway.   Because of our negligence, our decisions and daily actions continue to increase the emission of greenhouse gases that are heating our world and creating damage that, in some cases, are irreversible.  To view a summary description of what we are facing, please access the document below.

The 401RT


Rapid transit expansion initiatives for the Toronto area have consistently overlooked the most critical missing infrastructure component that can reduce overall road traffic congestion. That infrastructure is a single, continuous east-west cross-boundary rapid transit line across the suburban middle of the GTA, from Pickering to Mississauga. Without such a rapid transit line, the core of the Greater Toronto Area cannot resolve automobile dependency, traffic congestion, and their related problems. It is also essential infrastructure in critical efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To view the 401RT document (updated to February 29 2020) and the illustrative map, download the files below.

Next Connections

The Government of Ontario has committed to building a number of new rapid transit lines for Toronto, and the City has planned several new light rail lines, but altogether they fall well short of keeping up with travel demand growth and attracting car drivers out of their cars and onto public transit.  Road traffic congestion will continue to increase, as travel demand outpaces the introduction of new services.  More needs to be done.


A document entitled "Next Connections" has been produced that closes the shortfall in modal shifts to transit.  It incorporates the 401RT concept, and adds extensions to the Province's "Ontario Line", a West Commuter LRT that can enable the removal of the elevated portion of the Gardiner Expressway, a very different Waterfront West LRT alignment, and other measures. 


To view the Next Connections document (updated to February 2020) and an illustrative rapid transit system map, download the files below.

Embracing High Density

 Fundamental changes to traditional low-density greenfield urban development in North America is an essential to the fight against rapid climate change. The downloadable document below, called "Newburg: Embracing Urban Density at the Urban Fringe", illustrates how 10,000 people and jobs (or more) can be accommodated in a single square kilometre of greenfield land in a very pleasant manner. Download the full document below.